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"To Jeremy": Spoken Word Poetry performed by Teresa Hammonds

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Feb. 22nd, 2014 | 11:58 am

I wrote this poem last year, 2013, to a once beloved friend, British photographer Jez (Jeremy) Coulson. By accident, the chair of the theatre department at Methodist University saw the poem and asked if he could produce it as a part of their Spring 2014 production. The poem has a somewhat dramatic back story, so at first I wasn't quite sure of how to respond. But eventually I agreed. From the process of writing the poem, to watching the auditions, to sitting through the rehearsals, to this week's opening night and official performances, has been quite a journey for me.

The photography and the poster design is mine as well. At the last minute the theater dept. needed someone to do their posters and advertisements for this production, and they hired me, for which I am grateful. So the photography and designing also became a part of this journey. More of the posters and ads can be seen at: http://anenchantedforest.zenfolio.com/graphicdesign

Teresa Hammonds is the young actress who was cast to play me and perform my poem. She is s sophomore and a theater major who has starred in a few of Methodist's productions, last year she landed the starring role in "Doubt" to much acclaim. She has done an absolutely amazing job with this three page --- very challenging to memorize --- poem. Thank you, Teresa.


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