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Reflections of Martin Luther King, Jr. on MLK Day

Photo Credit: Lynda Ward / Visual-Stories.com
Photo taken at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is and forever has been one of my heroes. His courage and willingness to take a stand for justice, to stand for dignity for all people, to risk his life for the right to be treated fairly, compassionately and with respect makes him such an extraordinary human being.

This morning I enjoyed listening to the Rev. Otis Moss at the Triangle Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. Rev. Moss reminds me very much of Dr. King. His passion, his theology, his wisdom and his courage were inspiring.

Rev. Moss said, "Let us be dissatisfied, always, with shameful behavior. Let us be dissatisfied, always, with injustice."

He spoke of how the parable of the "Good Samaritan" and how one's reading of the parable reveals who a person truly is: Is your passion for yourself and your own well-being, or is your passion for the other person and his well being? Is your goal to protect yourself and work for yourself and live for yourself? Or is your goal to protect your family, friends, and your community, to work for the good of everyone and to live for something larger than yourself: to risk your life for justice and for the good of all humanity?

What a fantastic way to begin Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

Wishing everyone a peace-filled and joyful MLK Day!

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