enchanted4est (enchanted4est) wrote,

Today's Find: The Way (way) Back in Time

Photo taken in 1983 by Lynda Ward

Ahh, the things we find in old boxes!

I was cleaning out my storage area and I found this print of a photo I took back in the 1980s with my Pentax camera. (This is a scan of the print I found). I even developed and printed the film myself!

I actually entered this photo in an Emerging Photographer's competition, and it won the portrait category. I believe my mom has the matted and framed winning print with the ribbon still hanging on it. I remember being surprised that I won. This was my first photo competition, and I had simply been pleased to see my photo hanging with the others in the show. I didn't expect to win anything. But on the evening the show opened, I was surprised to see my photo had a ribbon on it :-)

The model is my friend Belinda, a college friend. She had just had her hair done, so we went to the park for a picnic and take some photos. I was in a photography class at the time, and the assignment was to focus on composition and balance.

I'll send her a copy :-)

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