enchanted4est (enchanted4est) wrote,

On Capturing Inscape: Childhood Wonder

More than anything, I try to be an "Inscape" photographer. The term "inscape" was coined by poet Gerard Manley Hopkins from the ideas of philosopher Duns Scotus. Hopkins felt that everything in the universe was characterized by "inscape" or the dynamic and distinctive particularities (characteristics) that constitute individual identity. Whenever I photograph people, I'm always looking for those particularities because that's what I want to capture: their inscape. This little girl was so passionate, full of wonder, and completely fascinated by bubbles. That is what I wanted to capture. Her parents may choose the more traditional portrait shots from the group. But I love this shot. It captures her inscape perfectly. (click on the number beside the "comments" below to read more about how the photo was captured)

Lynda :-)
Tags: fayetteville, north carolina, photography

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