enchanted4est (enchanted4est) wrote,

The Art of Eating: Diner Photography

My buddy Jez Coulson, www.jezblog.com, is hosting a photography workshop this weekend in New York City called "Diner on the Edge." Participants are photographing some of NYC's famous eateries (check out his blog for more info.). I had wanted and had planned to attend, but things didn't work out for me to go to NYC :-( ... still, inspired by the idea, I decided to try a little diner photography. To my surprise, diner photography is more difficult than expected! Here's one of my "diner" shots. (see a bigger version of the photo at: http://anenchantedforest.zenfolio.com/p349847975/h1897af9b#h1897af9b

Tags: fayetteville, north carolina, photography

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