enchanted4est (enchanted4est) wrote,

Dr. Seuss Original Painting: A Child's Prayer

Photo taken on Duke University Hospital Concourse (the walkway from Duke South to Duke North). On a random wall and poorly lit, Duke has a rare collection of original Dr. Seuss paintings and sculptures for sale I discovered, yesterday, when lost in the maze that connects Duke South to Duke North. VERY STRANGE place to display precious art that costs $6000 to $25,000 a piece!! No advertisements, no one watching over it, people walking the Concourse simply happen upon it as they leave Duke South to enter Duke North. Seuss's work, paintings and sculptures --- some never before seen --- are breathtaking in person. This one, one of my favs, was titled "A Child's Prayer" and you'll see Dr. Seuss's signature in the bottom right hand corner.
Tags: a child's prayer, dr. seuss, duke university, fayetteville, north carolina, photography

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