enchanted4est (enchanted4est) wrote,

Easy A (film) -- A Love Song to John Hughes (filmmaker)

If you're a John Hughes fan like me, this film is a MUST SEE! Sure it's a teen comedy, but it is a smart, funny, sexy one --- complete with a musical number --- that serves as a love song to filmmaker John Hughes, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000455/ --- Hughes is obviously referenced in Easy A numerous times. The dialog is snappy (a cross between Aaron Sorkin's "West Wing" style, mixed with the comic timing of Tina Fey and reminiscent of those quick-witted retorts of TV's Dawson's Creek gang). The story, though typical teen fodder, is fresh and original with a solid plot. Emma Stone's Olive is tough and intelligent and all the while a very sympathetic character (and very believable too!). And though the parents at times are a bit too caricatures, they are never quite cliches. Truly a delightful film, dark edgy humor and all! :-) :-) :-)

Tags: easy a, john huges, movie, teen film

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