April 6th, 2014


Meet Photographer Bryce Lankard

Bryce Lankard, photo by Lynda Ward

My portrait of my photography mentor/teacher Bryce Lankard (I think he looks like Hemingway!). Bryce is also the Grand Prize winner of Methodist University's "Sight & Sound" Photography Competition with guest judge Burk Uzzle: http://enchanted4est.livejournal.com/63797.html

Winners of the competition are as follows:

Movement #1 = Bryce Lankard for "Tweetsie"
Co-winner = Michael Potts for "R'yleh"

Movement #4a = Shaun McLaughlin for "Playtime"

Movement #4b = Houck Medford for "Chimney Swifts"

Movement #5 = Bryce Lankard for "Bywater Jesus"

Grand Prize Winner = Bryce Lankard for "Bywater Jesus"

If you can, please come join us for the festival and meet Burk Uzzle, Bryce Lankard and the rest of our photography competition winners!


or check out CapeFearNewMusic.wordpress.com

Bryce's Website is: www.BryceLankard.com

"Sight & Sound" Photography Competition was sponsored by Steve's Sweet Treats, Aperture Magazine, The Sun Magazine (Chapel Hill, NC), and Scrub Oaks Restaurant (who will be providing dinner for the winners).