November 5th, 2013


Out of Alaska: taking a portrait on the fly ...

The challenge was to photograph A, who just moved here (to North Carolina) from Alaska. The room was dark. I didn't have any of my good lenses with me or any light equipment at all. I never use the flash on my camera, so that was out. But the building had a room with a wall of windows. And the sun was setting in a couple hours, so the sun streamed through those windows very nicely. I sat A in front of the windows where the light would hit the wall then bounce onto her.

I've never been asked to take a portrait of someone on the fly. Meaning I didn't go to the library expecting to take a photo of anyone. This wasn't a portrait session, so I didn't bring any photography equipment with me and only had my walk-about camera and lens.

But I kept noticing the room with the wall of windows and how the sun was streaming through, and I kept thinking how it might make nice light for a natural light photo of something or someone. Then A volunteered to model.

Of course a hair light might have been nice and maybe something to bounce more light onto her right side. But all I had was my camera, a wall of windows, and a white wall to her right. So that's what I went with, and with her red hair and blue eyes she looks so very pretty in that light.