August 2nd, 2011


Finally, a GOOD Love Poem (by Richard Lehnert)

A few months ago I had commented to poet friend that there are so few love poems published today or, rather, that there are so few GOOD love poems published. Most love poems have gone the way of kitschy, you know the Hallmark card types. Authentic love poems, I said to her, are so very rare. The discussion progressed to how truly difficult it is to write a good love poem. For some reason the topics of loss and suffering and death are much easier for poets to address, though even there to do so in a way that is GOOD, a way that truly captures something of the essence of death, loss, or suffering is not easy. But a good love poem? If you think it's easy, well just give it a try :-) ... so imagine my surprise when I finally got around to reading my July 2011 edition of The Sun Magazine ( and found a GOOD love poem: