March 2nd, 2011


Ever seen a cat with a feeding tube?

WOW!!! I've had way to many medical emergencies to deal with in the past twelve months. In the last two months: 1) Feb. 2 my husband almost bled to death (lost 2/3 of his blood from an aspirin induced bleeding ulcer) and 2) March 1, my kitty, pictured above, had to have emergency surgery when her feeding tube caused a serious infection.

Thankfully everyone's now okay, but all the stress is killing me :-( ... my 14-year-old kitty has been on the feeding tube for a year, and the docs can't figure out how to get her off of it. Last year at this time they thought that she had lymphoma because she had stopped eating and her calcium had shot through the roof. So they put her on the tube in order to give her nutrition to keep her alive and to lower her calcium. But numerous tests and a surgical biopsy later, they discovered that she did not have lymphoma but inflammatory bowel disease and idiopathic hypercalciemia (both of which can be controlled by diet). We've since learned that cats can get addicted to feeding tubes :-( ... and that seems to be the case here :-( ... this past weekend, the tube caused serious infection (she suddenly smelled like rotten eggs) and so the emergency surgery to replace the tube and clean up the infection.

The docs continue to be amazed at how healthy and bouncy she is for a 14-year-old cat, and at how quickly she bounces back from surgery. Today, she's her old bouncy and bossy self: demanding that we brush her, demanding we play with her, and chasing her little brother cat around the house :-)

p.s. --- I should mention that the folks at the Veterinarian Specialty Hospital in Cary, North Carolina are amazing folks. I highly recommend them!